Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One of our outdoor activities - Visiting U.N Cemetery

I couldn't even look over the whole cemetery even though that was the fourth visit there. The first two visits were with my students as a homeroom teacher. Last was for the concert of KBS orchestra with my kids. When I was with my students, I was a little bit out of mind in controlling the students all the way there and back to the school. The concert was held in the evening.

The cemetery was so wide and looked like being managed very well. It was divided into two parts : the cemetery area and the green area including monuments and structures.

I think it's worthwhile to visit with my kids and explain the history of our country.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Big Turning Point In My Life

When I turned 40 years old, I had a big turning point in my life. I transferred to a new school and became a 6th grade homeroom teacher. It was the fouth time for me to be in charge of the 6th graders but that time was different. First of all the students had been notorious for their mischievous behavior since the previous year. Some of them were caught watching pornography, smoking cigars and stealing things from shops near school. It was not easy at all for me to control them. Co-workers? That was not simple, either. All of my colleagues were younger than me. There was a male head teacher but he was much younger than me and all the others were in their 20’s! I couldn’t understand their jokes or humour. I didn’t have any common interests with them. When we were working, I had to ask for their help so many times. The only thing I could do was treating them to dinner as often as I could. I began to hate myself, especially my age and incompetence. In addition during the volleyball game I ruptured my Achilles tendon. It was a totally unexpected accident. After surgery, lying on a bed in the hospital, I considered myself seriously. I felt there had to be some total changes in my life. I couldn’t stand the way I was living my life any more. Who knows what will happen later? First I took up exercise. Second I started spending more time and money on myself. I want to be stronger and more capable in my health and work. So far I’ve been trying hard to keep the decision and I ’m sure my life has become fairly different since then.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Little about My Family

After my father passed away 3 years ago, my mother has been living alone. So I’ve tried to invite her whenever there is an event or an important thing like short family trips, school sports days or graduations of my kids’. I took this picture on my son’s graduation in February and the lady leftmost wearing a red jacket is my mother next to my mother - in-law.

My son is now juvenile. Sometimes he is very rebellious to me BUT(!) he can’t hide that he is A BABY TO ME and like to BE TREATED LIKE A BABY BY ME!!!

For my daughter the world is still full of fun and exciting things. She is always the center of the world. And she is always happy.

I chose this photo because it was taken most lately - 10 days ago. This is my family. We went to Jeju Island. My husband had a conference in Jeju and the rest of us went there with him. This place is the famous  ‘Seopji Cozy’.

My mother - in - law likes her sons and daughters (including in-laws) to wear hanbok on Korean traditional holidays like Seolnal or Chuseok. This picture was taken on Seolnal 5 years ago. The couple , leftmost and rightmost , is my brother - in - law and his wife and for them that was their first holiday after their marriage.